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Burapa Prosper Environmental Performance 2021
11 Jan 2022


Burapa Prosper Environmental Performance 2021 In the past year, let's see what Burapa Prosper Co., Ltd. has done for our better world.


Burapa Prosper Co., Ltd. has adhered to the business guideline "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) in the Goal 7, which is Affordable & Clean Energy.


In 2021, the process of energy consumption was shifted to Solar Roof technology installed on the top of factory's main building, which generates 670 MWH of electricity per year. It helps to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by up to 667 tons/year, or equivalent to planting 36,000 trees. As a result, the production line during the day uses only the main energy source from sunlight.


Moreover, we have implemented a new packaging technology from Japan and modified the packaging with 25% less plastic, equivalent to 25,160 kg. It not only reduces resource consumption but also improves the quality of packaging as a sterile vacuum bag. There is no perforation like conventional starch bags for good hygiene of customers in the era of people that are concerned of epidemic.


All of which is a small step we take for the sustainable good life for all and the planet.


“Good business practices in the sense of Burapa Prosper is not only a viable business, but the world must be sustainable for future generations..from us.”


This is another important goal that we have achieved...and will continue to adhere to.


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