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Let’s Celebrate Pride Month with Gender Equality Policies
10 Jun 2022

Let’s Celebrate Pride Month with Gender Equality Policies


In every year, June is Pride Month. It is the month to commemorate the equality of genders and LGBTIQ+ community. As an organization that prioritizes equality, every month is Pride Month for Burapa Prosper. 


Gender Equality is one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations that we base our ESG policies on. At Burapa Prosper, discrimination is not allowed. We treat every employee fairly and equally. Employees who belong to LGBTIQ+ community are able be themselves at work as there is zero discrimination in the workplace. Also, Burapa Prosper provides equal pay and benefits to every employee regardless of their genders, ethnicities and religions.


In the Pride Month, we encourage every organization to practice gender equality and embrace employees from LGBTIQ+ community for who they are in the workplace. There is no bigger pride than the Pride of Being Themselves. Let’s commemorate the Pride Month with love and care to every human being without prejudice.


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