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Rice Formulator, the key factor behind 40 year success of Burapa Prosper
24 Jul 2022

Behind every delicious dish is sublime quality of ingredients. One of the key ingredients is Flour including Rice Flour, Glutinous Rice Flour and Crispy Flour which are made into various appetizing menus for people. 


Rice is indeed the crucial raw material for Flour production. However, turning rice into Rice Flour is a big challenge for the rice miller. The physical and chemical properties of rice are simply various upon the rice plantation caused by many factors including sunlight, humidity and soil nutrients. Hence, different rice plantation areas and different crop seasons will definitely result in different rice qualities as well. 


Different qualities of rice directly affect to the flour production. After milling, the Rice Flour basically gives different tastes, textures and viscosities which may cause problems to restaurant entrepreneurs as a result, food will taste differently. To bring credibility to the restaurant owners, this is a challenge that Burapa Prosper needs to overcome. 


That is why Burapa Prosper appointed this position, a Rice Formulator, since the foundation of the company more than 40 years ago, to overcome such challenge. The main responsibility of Rice Formulator is to come up with new innovative flour formulation to standardize the Rice Flour into consistent quality, taste, texture and properties despite uncertain characteristics of the raw material – rice.


Rice Formulator means the Rice Expert who has profound knowledge of rice characteristics of every rice cultivar including softness, hardness and viscosity. Each day, Rice Formulator tastes over 30 varieties of rice and thoroughly inspects the quality of every rice grain from different cultivars. The flour formulation is changed every other week to keep up with the differences in rice characteristics and to standardize Rice Flour that has the consistent taste and quality in every production unit. 


In addition to the expertise of Rice Formulator, Burapa Prosper utilizes advanced technology to precisely control the product quality. Rice Grain Scanners, the first inspection process, are used to scan every single rice grain to see if its size and color comply with the standards. Laser particle -sized analyzers are used to measure particle size of the Rice Flour to ensure that the Flour is grinded well and ready to be cooked. Moreover, moisture and viscosity are thoroughly measured to ensure the quality of every bag of the Rice Flour. The restaurant entrepreneurs can rest assured that every bag of “Double Bear Brand” Rice Flour has the consistent quality, taste, texture and characteristics. 


Combining the expertise of human resource and the advancement of technology are the essence s of being Rice Formulator which is the real key factor behind the success of Double Bear Brand, the No.1 flour brand in the market and the most favorite flour brand for restaurant entrepreneurs for over 40 years.

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