Small Tapioca Pearl

Small Tapioca Pearl
Small Tapioca Pearl

"Small Tapioca Pearls" is a seed with white color made from 100% Tapioca Starch manufactured to international standards without any allergy causing ingredients stay fresh for 24 months. 


Cooked pearls are translucent, clean, and free of additives. They do not clump together and stay chewy after being cooked. 

Small Tapioca Pearl
Gluten Free
Small Tapioca Pearl
Product Feature and Benefits
  • Regular and Pemium Size
  • Consistent Size
  • Easy to cook / Cook quickly
  • Easy forming
  • Competitive price
  • Liquid or firm tapioca pearl pudding
  • Milk tea or any drinks
  • Sweetd and Savory dishes
  • Crispy coating 
  • Pet food
Small Tapioca Pearl
Tapioca Pearl
Packing size
200 g
500 g