CSR Policy


               Burapa Prosper Co., Ltd. strives to conduct business based on Good Governance and sustained responsibility toward society and environment while also considering the best interest of the stakeholders. This is so that the industrial sector can coexist harmoniously with the community and society and together prosper.                      

                     As a guideline to achieve the above objectives, the company has stipulated the CSR policy as follows:

             1. The Company will conduct business transparently, be accountable and ethical.

             2. The Company will respect human rights principles, specially toward workers by treating them fairly and legally.

             3. The Company will operate business with the best interest of stakeholders in mind.

             4. The Company will support projects or activities to develop community and society according to sustainable growth model.

             5. The Company will be responsible to our consumers by ensuring that our product quality and services are according to standards.

            6. The Company will consistently and continuously improve its operation processes in order to reduce resource consumption and

                 negative impacts on the environment.

             7. The Company will fully comply with all legislations, other requirements or relevant international standards.

                        All fields of managements and staff will hereby cooperate to achieve the objectives of the  policy.

                        This is announced on October 17, 2017.

( Miss Sathaporn Paisanburapa )

                                                                                                                                    Managing Director

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