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Enhance Your Gluten-Free Culinary Creations with Rice Flour

Crafted from 100% pure white rice, our White Rice Flour showcases the fusion of deliciousness and wholesomeness. Its versatility spans across various culinary applications, from Batters, Breaders, and Extruded cereals to Noodles, Sweets, and Soups. This adaptable flour is a prime choice in health-conscious settings, serving as a hypoallergenic solution that preserves the natural taste and aroma of your dishes. Not only does it cater to health-conscious consumers, but it also ushers in gluten-free possibilities. Embrace the culinary revolution, reshape food experiences, and elevate your creations with the extraordinary attributes of White Rice Flour. Experience the art of healthier, tastier, and more indulgent food.

Applications with White Rice Flour

• Predust, Batter and Breading

• Marinate

• Asian Desserts

• Noodles

• Soup & Sauce

• Snacks

• Pet Foods

• Dehydrated Fruit 

• etc.



Benefits of Rice Flour

The Secret to Lighter, Crispy Crusts with  Reduced Oil Absorption

Frying is an art, and it doesn't have to involve a heavy, greasy batter resulting in a bready crust. With wheat flour, more protein means a tougher, chewier crust because of higher gluten content. Gluten is a sponge for moisture and fat, leading to a denser and oilier crust. This is where rice flour works its magic. It fries up lighter and crispier than wheat flour, making it a global sensation, from Japanese tempura to Korean fried chicken. It's the secret to iconic dishes like Tuscan-style fried chicken, calamari fritti, and signature breaded zucchini, providing that irresistible, pillowy crunch.

Rice flour's superpower lies in crafting delicate, dry, and super-crispy coatings, giving your fried creations the perfect texture. 

Enhancing Industrial Dried Fruit Quality

In the realm of industrial dried fruit production, rice flour takes center stage. Throughout the rigorous journey from washing to drying, dried fruits often face the challenge of clumping due to their natural sugars and moisture. This is where rice flour plays a crucial role. It delicately coats each piece, serving as an efficient anti-caking agent by absorbing excess moisture. 

Notably, rice flour's neutral taste and hypoallergenic nature leave the fruits' flavor and nutrition untouched. Beyond its moisture-fighting capabilities, Notably, rice flour's neutral taste and hypoallergenic nature leave the fruits' flavor and nutrition untouched. Beyond its moisture-fighting capabilities, our gluten-free rice flour acts as a protective barrier against mold and yeast growth in high-moisture conditions. Its low-moisture nature limits water availability, creating an environment less favorable for microbial proliferation. This characteristic is crucial for preserving the safety and quality of dried fruits, inhibiting spoilage microorganisms and ensuring product integrity throughout its shelf life.

The Role of Rice Flour in Sauces

Discover the magic of rice flour in sauces. Our superb, fine rice flour is a game-changer, enhancing sauces with its silky texture. Whether you're crafting dessert sauces, creamy whites, or savory stir-fry sauces, rice flour thickens like a pro. 

It's a must-have for those with celiac disease or gluten allergies, transforming thin and watery sauces into rich, velvety masterpieces. Rice flour's mild, unobtrusive flavor acts as a blank canvas for your culinary artistry, letting various ingredients and flavors take center stage. Its lump-free, silky texture ensures that your sauces not only taste divine but look the part too. 

Elevating Soups to Perfection

Our fine rice flour adds body and thickness to your soups without altering their beloved flavors. For those seeking a gluten-free alternative, rice flour stands as a reliable substitute for traditional roux. Every spoonful of your soup maintains its intended flavor profile while boasting a rich, silky texture. Our rice flour ensures your soups possess a flawless, lump-free consistency, enhancing your entire dining experience.

From creamy broths seeking body without compromising flavor to hearty chowders craving that satisfying density, rice flour adapts seamlessly to an array of soup styles. 


Discover the secret behind the enchanting world of Asian desserts – it all starts with rice flour! An indispensable ingredient, rice flour weaves the magic in every bite, creating the unique textures and flavors that make these treats irresistible.

Gluten-free and celebrated for its neutral taste, rice flour lays the perfect foundation for those seeking a guilt-free indulgence. From the soft elegance of Chinese rice cakes to the creamy allure of Thai rice pudding, it's the heartbeat of cherished traditions.

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