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The Story of Double Bear Brand Flour

Burapa Prosper

From a local company founded 40 years ago in Chonburi province, with the goal to one day become a leading rice flour producer in ASEAN, Burapa Prosper Co., Ltd. has acquired tremendous experiences over the years and undergone many transformations in production process as well as adopted new technologies in order to stay at the forefront of our industry.  

Our company is now one of Thailand’s leading rice flour and rice starch manufacturers and distributors and currently exports to over 30 countries worldwide with plans to continue expanding our markets.  We strive for excellence with greater emphasis now on innovation, world-class technologies and strict compliances to international food safety standards so as to best cater to customers’ various needs and ensure that our products are of the highest quality. 

Rice: Our origin

Producing premium rice flour requires sourcing the right species of rice as raw materials. 

The second generation owner—Khun Sathaporn Paisanburapa, clearly recalls the day when her parants, Khun Pornchai and Khun Kanita Paisanburapa, took her on the journey across Thailand, traversing the Central planes, Northern highlands and the Northeast, in an effort to search for the best sources of rice. The trips included visits to rice growing areas and rice mills with the potential to supply rice of desirable specifications.  Those journeys resulted in better familiarity with and understanding of different strains of rice from different regions and have also established longstanding relationships between our company and rice mills across Thailand who have been supplying us with raw materials till these days. 

Having a thorough knowledge about growing conditions and profiles of various species of rice is crucial as it allows us to use the right raw materials to tailor our products to suit customers’ individuals requirements/applications.  The expertise accumulated over 40 years has enabled us to offer solutions to meet different customers’ demands.  

From Local to International Player

Today, Burapa Prosper Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wet-milled rice flour and glutinous rice flour in Thailand. From being the pioneer in rice flour production in Eastern region, we have continuously developed and expanded beyond our borders and now proudly export quality products to over 30 countries all over the world. 

The company now has two overseas joint-venture rice production facilities—both of which are located in South East Asia.  First is Bokor Rice Products Co., Ltd. in Kampot, Cambodia, where we not only manufacturer rice and glutinous rice flours but also rice and glutinous rice starches.  

In Indonesia, we invested in, PT. Padi Flour Nusantara, another rice flour manufacturing business with one of Indonesia’s largest company in agricultural products. 

We are proud to say that both facilities are the most modern rice flour production plants in their respective countries. These operations abroad have catapulted us from a local company into an international player. 

From Millstones to Modern Factory 

The humble round millstone inspired the new office design with a bright skylight, which draws in natural light and air to reduce energy consumption in the building.  The warm air is further cooled after passing the water body surrounding the building like a moat around the base of the millstone. The round building shape symbolises harmonious human relations and one of our core values of working in ‘unity’, which stands at the heart of all the people at Burapa Prosper.

Dryer Exhaust

The dryer exhaust dating back to more than 70 years is the most visible reminder of the ingenuity and pioneering spirit behind how Burapa Prosper rice flours were manufactured.  Originally used to dry cassava starch, the drier was adapted to drying pieces of wet milled rice, which was then finely ground and packaged for export to its first overseas customer in Malaysia.  From then on, the company’s business continued to grow and expand to this day.

Vision and Mission

Asean player offering quality and innovative products with a sustainable operation. 


We transform and deliver local values to the world.

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DNA & Culture

 9 Stars

The stars do not only denote success, but to Burapa Prosper, each star has a deeper significance tied to the organisation. The first four stars are a hidden code for the company’s strong corporate culture, standing for SCAI or E-SCAI:

These four stars can only shine brightly due to the underlying factor which is ‘E – Empathy’. 

The meaning behind the five remaining stars which are abbreviated as ‘FLOUR’, do not only refer to our products, but also to the company’s five core values, namely:


These principles are the foundations of the Burapa Way as they reflect our business ethics, values, and corporate culture which have been vital in leading the organisation to achieve true and lasting success. 




Sustainable development …


For good life of everyone and the world


“For Burapa Prosper, good business operation does not only mean business sustainability, it also means sustainability of the world for the future generations after us.”


This is one of our main goals. We did it, … and will continue doing it.


“Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” of United Nations (UN) is adopted to guide our organizational development and business operation. Basically, we adhere to the 4 following main goals;



1.Good health & well-being


“Effective work and happy people” means that Burapa Prosper’ work norm places the first priority on personnel, as we believe that if personnel are happy, they will create and pass on good values to customers, business partners and society, respectively. That’s why we focus on establishment of guarantees for good life. We ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages to align the business operation with the development goals.


Burapa Prosper establishes many projects and procedures, covering important health and welfare agendas, to take care of health and well-being of employees in the organization as follows;


1.To ensure equality of care and remuneration payment among employees regardless of their genders, nationalities and religions.


2.To provide welfare and medical care and promote good health among employees and their families.


3.To establish a food plant cultivation zone in the factory’s area to produce free organic vegetables for everyone.


4.To set up a training system and support or enhance skills of employees of all levels to catch up with the global changes. Employees have opportunities to work in the abroad factories and learn to utilize modern and digital equipment in working.


5.To organize activities regarding personal finance management to help employees to truly achieve “happy mind, happy body and happy money.”



2.Gender equality


Another important mission which always gains our priority is gender equality. We have a policy to support and promote gender equality, reduce gender inequality, minimize the gap and promote legal labor employment based on the principle of human equality.


In each line of work, there are both male and female executives. We open opportunities for employees to express opinions regarding their works, as we value true capacity of personnel above anything.



3.Affordable & clean energy


At Burapa Prosper, our existence aims to make the world livelier and greener. Our gigantic round office building, inspired by an ancient wheat grinder, is designed to open for the sunlight as the main source of light during daytime and allow the fresh natural air to circulate inside.


Façade or face of a building is installed to cover the outside surface around the building. A big pool at the building center reduces the inside temperature, and consequently the workload of air-conditioners. We select automatic faucets which work with energy from water.


As for factory and warehouse buildings, we mainly use natural energy and minimize pollutant emission as much as possible. The solar roof is installed on the main building of the factory. Hence, the production by day relies only on solar energy. Even something which many people may disregard, such as cargo trucks, gets our attention. All our cargo trucks use compressed natural gas (CNG)which is natural gas and emits no polluting gas into the air.


This will reduce carbon dioxide emission for 450 tons per year or equivalent to growing trees for 500 Rai. As a result, Burapa Prosper is recognized by a government agency as level-3 Green Industry.



4.Promotion of decent work & economic growth


One of our important organizational ethics is legal labor employment. We do not employ child labor, forced labor or labor involved in human trafficking. We seek professional and efficient employment which leads to career progress. We ensure equality of care and reasonable remuneration payment among employees regardless of their genders, nationalities and religions.