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Transforming Food Innovation: Our Cutting-Edge Fat Replacement Solution

In the dynamic world of food production, our Fat Replacement Solution, born from innovative Rice Science Starch technology, is rewriting the rules for the food industry. Rooted in our commitment to harnessing nature's power, this isn't just an ingredient; it's a strategic leap toward crafting healthier, more indulgent, and enticing food products.

Cut Calories, Not Flavor

These rice starches exhibit a neutral taste profile, seamlessly integrating into sauces and enhancing creaminess without requiring taste masking. Moreover, their balanced profile and neutral color highlight a product's true freshness and glossy finish. Thanks to their small granule size and soft gel structure, rice starches emulate a rich, creamy mouthfeel, making them a natural choice for fat reduction in dairy desserts, ready meals, and more.

Traditionally, salad dressings rely on fat for creaminess and mouthfeel, but our specialized rice-based ingredients offer a compelling alternative. They provide the desired texture and thickness while reducing fat content, presenting a healthier option without compromising taste and texture. These ingredients enhance the rich, creamy feel of your dressings, serving as effective thickeners and stabilizers. They preserve the vibrant flavors, prevent ingredient separation, and ensure a consistent, appealing appearance. This clean-label solution effortlessly transforms ordinary greens into guilt-free, savory delights, addressing the demand for non-GMO and allergen-free products, cost-effective ingredient replacement, and profit margin maximization.

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