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Savor the Elegance of Thailand's Jasmine Rice Flour



Welcome to the aromatic landscapes of Thailand, where the scent of jasmine rice perfumes the air, a place where tradition meets innovation. Our Jasmine Rice Flour is more than just a flour; it's a testament to the harmony of taste and texture, born from the heart of these fertile lands. Crafted from 100% jasmine rice (Oryza sativa), this unique flour contains a high starch content and hypo-allergenic proteins. Its richness in amylose content makes it an exceptional choice for adding crispness to cereals and various gluten-free baking applications, catering to the needs of consumers with gluten intolerance, ensuring a world of culinary delights for all.

Applications with Jasmine Rice Flour

• Gluten-Free Bakery

• Snacks

Benefits of Jasmine Rice Flour

Texture is King.

Our Jasmine Rice Flour adds an exquisite dimension to gluten-free baking. This flour isn't just a staple; it's a culinary virtuoso, perfecting the art of textural elegance in every creation. Boasting a moderate amylose content, it weaves a velvety, soft, and fluffy texture that's a true delight for those who seek perfection in their gluten-free bakery masterpieces. Whether you're conjuring innovative snacks, crafting luscious desserts, or weaving the fabric of bakery delights, our Jasmine Rice Flour is the key to transforming your culinary vision into a reality that delights the senses and surpasses expectations.