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Burapa Prosper’s Crispy Flour: Your Gateway to Perfect Crunch

Discover Burapa Prosper’s culinary innovation through our Crispy Flour – a groundbreaking ingredient that redefines the art of healthier, irresistibly crunchy fried dishes. Crafted from high amylose, non-GMO rice flour, our secret formula ensures a lasting, golden brown crunch for up to 4 hours, revolutionizing your fried culinary experience. Absorbing less oil, it enriches the overall taste and texture, guaranteeing healthier treats. This versatile flour is the ally you need for creating a variety of fried delicacies, from thin-crust to thick-crust styles, and coatings for vegetables, meat, or seafood. Join the crispy revolution, elevate your culinary creations, and embrace a future of delectable crunch.

Application with Crispy Flour

• Predust, Batter and Breading

• Gluten-free Crispy Flour

Benefits of Crispy Flour

A secret ingredient for light, crispy batters, and breadings.

Whether you're seeking the ideal texture for breaded chicken, fish, or veggies, striving to create a non-GMO, gluten-free alternative to traditional coatings, or aiming to enhance your product's texture and appearance, our ingredient solutions elevate your culinary creations. Our crispy flour maintains that golden crunch you love while absorbing less oil than traditional flours, reducing fat content and producing a less oily end product. In fact, studies by the USDA's Southern Regional Research Center found that chicken drumsticks fried in rice flour absorbed up to 62% less oil than traditional breading flour. Ideal for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, our rice flour offers a golden potential in creating the perfect fried treats. 

Partner with us to unlock the golden potential in your batters and breadings, from solids suspension and ideal gluten-free textures to crisper coatings and exceptional adhesion capabilities, ensuring your product shines in the market.

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Crispy Flour
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Crispy Flour
Crispy Flour