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Texture isn't just a facet; it's an art form.  

If you're a food manufacturer, whether crafting sweet indulgences or savory delights, these ingredients are your secret to culinary excellence.

The magic of texturizers

Our Mochi Premix Flour, BOBA Pearl, Small White Tapioca Pearl, Organic Tapioca Pearl, Noodle Premix Flour, Gluten-free Bakery Premix Flour, and Jasmine Rice Flour are the secret ingredients behind irresistible textures, appearances, and bite experiences.


Picture the silky-smooth embrace of mochi, the delightful chewiness of BOBA pearls, or the tender bite of tapioca pearls in your dishes. Our Rice-base products offer versatility and flexibility to food manufacturers, allowing you to create the perfect texture to captivate your consumers' senses.


But it's not just about feel; it's also about visual appeal. Achieve that tantalizing, glossy finish in your culinary masterpieces that beckons with temptation. Whether you're crafting delicate mochi desserts, tantalizing bubble teas, delectable noodles, or gluten-free baked goods, our Rice-base products have your back.


With our Rice-base products, you're not just crafting food; you're crafting artistry that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Texture, appearance, and that perfect bite – they're all within your grasp with our range of Rice-base products.