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Discover Unrivaled Stability with Our Rice-Based Thickener

Our Thickener, enriched with cutting-edge Rice Science technology, redefines stability in food additives. The characteristics of thickness from the gel may vary depending on the type of rice flour used and the specific application. Experiment with different ratios and applications to achieve the desired texture, unique aroma, and excellent consistency in your culinary creations.






A Distinctive Texture

Indulge in the timeless appeal of rice as our Thickener introduces a texture that sets it apart. It delivers a silky, luxurious mouthfeel that resonates with consumers seeking comforting, wholesome meals.

Our Thickener's capabilities extend to crafting immaculate white and opaque gels, enhancing the visual charm of your dishes.


In an era of heightened health awareness, our Thickener emerges as a strategic asset for the food industry. It addresses both consumer health concerns and the industry's quest for innovation, all while preserving the essence of culinary indulgence.

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