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A Celebration of Health and Taste: Our Brown Rice Flour

Introducing our artisan-crafted Brown Rice Flour, a marvel born from the heart of rice-growing excellence and perfected with Innovation Food Technology. This extraordinary flour isn't merely an ingredient; it's a maestro of culinary finesse. As a brilliant texturizer, it infuses dishes with a captivating texture and a beautiful, earthy hue, ensuring an elevation in both appearance and taste. More than a culinary wonder, our flour is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, boasting high protein, iron, fiber, and Vitamin B content, turning every bite into a nourishing delight. From time-honored Asian desserts to the most innovative culinary creations, our Brown Rice Flour adds a touch of wholesome goodness to every recipe, truly redefining versatility in the kitchen.


Application with Brown Rice Flour
Benefits of Brown Rice Flour

The Custodian of Consistency and the Wizard of Texture

Brown Rice Flour is the silent architect behind the artful and flavorful tapestry of Asia sweet delicacies. This unique flour, rich in starch compounds like amylose, orchestrates a culinary symphony: when mixed with liquids and gently heated, its starch granules swell, thickening the dessert to the desired consistency. The delicate dance of amylose in gel formation ensures that, upon cooling, a velvety, thick texture emerges, enriching Asian sweets without altering their taste. This neutral-flavored flour seamlessly integrates into recipes, subtly enhancing textures in treats like custard buns, rice puddings, and sweet soups, making every spoonful an enchanting journey into the heart of Asian culinary traditions.