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Your Secret Ingredient for Maximum Yield and Impeccable Texture in Meat and Soups!


Elevate your soup and sauce manufacturing with the unmatched thickening prowess of our Pregelatinized Waxy Rice Starch. Watch as it swiftly transforms liquids into a velvety texture, reducing production time and delivering impeccable consistency. Its neutral flavor lets your dishes' natural essence shine through, meeting clean label expectations. Enjoy texture enhancement like never before, providing a silky, lump-free mouthfeel, all while ensuring gluten-free goodness for inclusivity.


But the magic doesn't stop there; Pregelatinized Waxy Rice Starch revolutionizes meat marination, contributing to yield improvement, enhanced flavor absorption, reduced cooking loss, and improved texture. Elevate your culinary creations and meat products with this secret ingredient that tantalizes taste buds and guarantees superior quality.

Application with Pregelatinized Waxy Rice Starch

• Coated Nut

• Extrude Snacks

• Batter

• Sausage

• Instant Drink Powder

• Infant Dry Blend

• Food Supplement


Benefits of Pregelatinized Waxy Rice Starch

The Ultimate Soup and Sauce Secret

When it comes to achieving the perfect thickness and consistency in soups and sauces, one ingredient stands out above the rest: waxy rice starch. Renowned for its superior thickening abilities, waxy rice starch acts as a reliable thickening and stabilizing agent in the world of culinary manufacturing. As it encounters liquid and heat, the starch granules within this remarkable ingredient absorb the liquid, swelling and gelatinizing to create the desired thickness and viscosity, a crucial aspect of many soup and sauce recipes.

But waxy rice starch offers more than just thickness; it's a texture enhancer. In creamy soups and sauces, it imparts a silky, velvety mouthfeel, banishing grittiness and lumps. This attribute ensures that every spoonful is a delight to savor. Additionally, waxy rice starch proves its worth in emulsified sauces, preventing ingredient separation and maintaining a harmonious mixture, whether in creamy salad dressings or rich gravies.

Your Key to Juicier, More Yield, Less Waste

Waxy rice starch is a game-changer in meat marination, enhancing product quality for processors and manufacturers. Its key benefit lies in yield improvement, as it acts as a thickening and binding agent in meat marinades. This attribute ensures better adhesion of the marinade to the meat's surface, allowing it to penetrate deeply. Improved adhesion results in enhanced flavor absorption, making the meat tastier and bursting with flavor. Additionally, waxy rice starch reduces cooking loss by preserving moisture during cooking, yielding juicier and succulent meat with higher yields. Furthermore, it enhances meat texture, providing a smooth, velvety mouthfeel, particularly important in texture-sensitive applications. In essence, waxy rice starch is a culinary secret weapon, unlocking flavor, juiciness, and quality in meat marination, making it invaluable to the meat industry.