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Step into the realm of culinary excellence with our Rice Starch – a Clean Label Champion.

It signifies our dedication to crafting healthier, tastier, and more indulgent food, providing an immaculate canvas for your culinary masterpieces. Its unassuming taste and aroma ensure your dishes' authentic flavors take the spotlight, enhancing every mouthful. Whether it's creating silky sauces, crispy snacks, or creamy delights, our versatile thickener and water binder promise top-notch texture and stability. Derived from white rice, it brings forth high gel strength to unlock endless culinary possibilities. 

Additionally, our solutions go the extra mile by removing and replacing unwanted ingredients such as titanium dioxide for whitening in confectionery coatings. They also allow non-corn labeling for pet food, baby meals, snacks, and gluten-free baked goods, aligning with evolving consumer preferences.


Applications with Rice Starch

• Personal Care i.e. Dry Shampoo

• Salad Dressing

• Soup & Sauce

• Confectionary

Benefits of Rice Starch

Transforming your Dairy and Yogurt Products into Healthier, Tastier options.

Rice Starch's unique pasting properties enable fat replacement in non-dairy, forming sturdy yet velvety creamy structures that elevate mouthfeel texture. It imparts clean label textures to low-fat yogurts and non-fermented dairy desserts, ensuring a distinct, wholesome experience. In flavored milks, it ensures stability, improved glossiness, and an authentic taste. 

Rice starches are your versatile solution, boosting viscosity, and ensuring stability in yogurt processing. Rice starches also offer clean label solutions, satisfying consumer preferences for authentic tastes and recognizable ingredients. Choose rice starch to make your brand a standout in the world of yogurt innovation.

Revolutionizing Salad Dressing,  Soups, Sauces  : Lowering Fat Content with Excellence

Rice starch is a valuable asset in salad dressing manufacturing, serving as a thickening and stabilizing agent. Traditionally, salad dressings use fat to provide creaminess and mouthfeel, but rice starch offers an effective alternative to achieve the desired texture and thickness, reducing fat content for healthier options without compromising on taste and texture. It also prevents ingredient separation, ensuring consistent and appealing appearances. This clean-label solution transforms ordinary greens into guilt-free, savory delights. It caters to consumers seeking high-quality soups, sauces, dressings, and more, addressing the need for non-GMO and allergen-free products, cost-effective ingredient replacement, and profit margin maximization.

Confectionery Whitening: Rice Starch as a Natural, Clean Label Alternative

Rice Starch acts as a clean label whitening agent in confectionery, a natural alternative to traditional ingredients like titanium dioxide. It achieves a desirable white appearance in confectionery coatings, aligning with consumer preferences for minimal additives. With its small granule size, it smoothens rough surfaces on confectionery centers during coating, replacing artificial coloring agents in chewing gum, hard candy, and chocolate lentils. Our native rice starch can replace wheat starch or flour in liquorice, imparting a soft and chewy texture in gluten-free, clean label foods. It's an attractive choice for manufacturers aiming to create cleaner and more natural confectionery items. 

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