Savory Dish

The delicate food coatings long popular in Asian cuisines has now become mainstream in Western dishes as well. A variety of different textures can be achieved when selecting the right ingredients.  Discover how rice based solutions help resolve prolonged crispness in “out of home delivery” or reduce oil uptake in deep-fried products.

Aside from good taste, crispness is one of the most desirable attributes of food coating that impact consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions.

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Bakery Premix

The market for gluten-free bakery products is expanding. especially in Europe and America. Our gluten-free products offer a distinct and delicious texture and flavor that is preferred over traditional wheat-based products by everyone, gluten intolerant or not.  At Burapa Prosper we combine the dedication and skill of professional food scientists, and bakery expert  to provide our customers high quality base flours products that they can trust to be safe and healthy options for their company.

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Asian Dessert

From popular chewy and sticky mochi to rolled ice cream and sweet rice balls, Asian Desserts are unique, fun and delicious delicacies that are quick to make. Thanks to our rice-based products, many of them are easy to make.

Burapa Prosper offers a comprehensive portfolio which is designed to enhance the chewy, smooth, and elastic texture for desirable desserts.  Tasting Asian delicacies and sweet treats, no need to travel all the way to Asia, just try our rice-based solutions.


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Thai Street Foods Premix

Thai Street Food is known the world over for its uniqueness and tastiness. Double Bear selection of Thai Street Food premixes support all street food makers in delivering consistently delicious results every time. Improve the quality of your food and your life by reducing the effort and time required on ingredient preparation, allowing you to focus more on making a profit and expanding your business. These premixes yield excellent results for all from first-time food vendors to professionals chefs.

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Functional Premix

Convenience is the quality of being easy to get and use, we believe that food appeals to emotions in a primal way and by incorporating every one of the senses to create an experience that stimulates the heart and mind as much as it does the palate. Our mixed flour is produced from deep understanding of "Rice Science to Life-science" offering tailored fucntions such as crispness enhancement, yield improment or any alternative solutions which we strive to serve specific requirements.

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