Rice Starch

Rice starches are processed by seperate carbohydrate, fat and protein naturally found in flours then purified it in order to remain only carbohydrates. Manufactured from 100% natural ingredients, Double Bear brand rice starch which is clean and free of any debris and additives meets GMP, HACCP and FSSC22000 food safety standards, and can be stored for up to 24 months after it is produced.

Double Bear offers 2 kinds of rice starch depended on amylose content. They are used for specific purposes, particularly due to their ability to thicken liquids and improve the texture of food.

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Functional​ Starch

Functional starches are special starches that require additional processing and are blended with other types of processed starches to enhance its overall performance for a variety of industrial applications. 

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Other Starch

‘Other starches’ refers to starches made by processing raw materials besides rice such as cassava, potatoes and corn. These alternative starches possess different characteristics and functions to match the types of food they are used for such as being fast dissolving, cooking rapidly, turning thick and viscous when cooked, staying stable for long periods of time. They are strictly manufactured to standards so they will perform consistently. 

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Clean Label Functional Starch

Naturalness and transparency are key for today’s consumers. Clean label has moved beyond being a fad to a genuine trend. Our native rice starch is way to crack this pain-point upto performance levels competing with chemically modified starches. Adding to natural origin of rice, the creation of unique textures with excellent product stability can be formulated with one single starch. Avoiding modified or artificial ingredients, rice also withstands harsh processing conditions.

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